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This Year’s Theme ~ Community of Hope

Principal, Miss Pirolli, and her staff chose the theme Community of Hope for the 2022-2023 school year. Hope is a virtue that helps us look to the future that is not there yet. Faith in God gives us hope. Children give us hope. Our school mission speaks to hope - teaching children how to serve others and become effective leaders in an ever-changing society. As a school community, we seek opportunities to grow in hope together and individually.

Throughout this year, Miss Pirolli asks everyone to join her in keeping our theme, Community of Hope, in focus. We believe we can all work together to make great things happen in our school - and in our communities. We will share how each class is bringing this theme to life throughout the school year. Our hope is a happy and healthy school year for you and your family.

Thank you for choosing St. Vincent de Paul Regional School and supporting Catholic education. To enroll your child in St. Vincent de Paul Regional School or learn more about all we offer students, contact us here.

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