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5 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Our Kindergarten


St. Vincent de Paul Regional School's Kindergarten program offers an excellent academic experience that allows students to grow socially, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.  Our dedicated teachers empower students to reach their full potential increasing self-esteem and confidence in learning.

At St. Vincent de Paul Regional School, our students learn compassion and empathy for others through activities infused into the cur
riculum.  Our Kindergarten classroom is a place of creativity and exploration that fosters kindness for one another.  Students benefit from a full curriculum to prepare them for First Grade. 

10+ Ways to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Superkids Kindergarten Reading Program: 

•    Builds the essential foundation for efficient, fluent reading and effective comprehension 
•    Students learn alphabet letter sounds then apply skills to reading and writing sentences
•    Focuses on developing strong blending, decoding, fluency skills
•    Builds vocabulary and comprehension
•    Learn basic mechanics of the writing process

Science Program - Kindergartners explore important science concepts such as:

•    Care for human babies
•    How the five senses are used
•    Types of birds, insects, animals
•    Types of fruits and vegetables
•    Seasons and weather 
•    What bones and fossils reveal about dinosaurs
•    Astronomy

Social Studies Program  – Kindergarteners explore important social studies concepts such as:

•    Similarities and differences of people all over the world
•    Variety of jobs needed in communities
•    Reuse of materials
•    Details of daily life – past and present
•    Inventions that impact our world

Math Curriculum – Kindergartners are taught math lessons that build a strong foundation in key areas including:

•    Geometry and patterns
•    Sorting
•    Numbers to 31
•    Tables, graphs, and fractions
•    Addition
•    Subtraction
•    Money
•    Time
•    Measurement

The daily Kindergarten schedule provides students with engagement developing

self-confidence, social skills, and a strong love for learning. 

Kindergarten day includes:

•    Prayers
•    Journal writing
•    Morning meeting
•    Religion
•    Math
•    Snack/recess
•    Language arts
•    Lunch/recess
•    Rest
•    Story
•    Science/ Social Studies Centers

Weekly Kindergarten Classes “Specials”  - Students are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge throughout the week with specialized classes taught by teachers experienced in each area.  Students attend each class once each week. These classes include:

•    Music 
•    Art
•    Physical education
•    Technology
•    Stream

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