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Celebrating Our Eighth Grade Students

June is a big month of celebrating our St. Vincent de Paul School's Eighth Grade! In true tradition, our future graduates added their class mural to our school hall with symbols representing the uniqueness of each student. On June 2, our Eighth Grade Dinner at the Savoy Inn, Vineland, brought students, parents and staff together for a memorable night of great food, dancing and laughter. Today, students were treated to a delicious breakfast and goodies hosted by our Grandparents' Association on June 7. St. Vincent de Paul School is a generous school family.

More celebrations continue for the Class of 2023, including their Final Farewell on June 9, followed by the Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation on June 10 at St. Vincent de Paul Church, Mays Landing. God Bless our upcoming St. Vincent de Paul School graduates!

To learn more about out Preschool - 8th Grade school, schedule a personal tour here. We are registering students for September and welcome all families to join our St. Vincent de Paul School family!

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