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Welcome to St. Vincent de Paul!

Thank you for your interest in St. Vincent de Paul Regional School for your child.  I am glad you are here!  We provide an excellent, diverse learning environment for students to develop their gifts and talents for academic success.  Here at St. Vincent's, we live by our motto . . . we are faith-filled, family centered, teaching future leaders to serve others. 

We integrate leadership development in our curriculum to prepare students as future leaders in our ever-changing world.  St. Vincent's provides opportunity for students to grow spiritually, academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.  We believe educating the whole child is paramount to his/her success.

We are partners in your child's education!  We understand the value of open communication between our teachers and our parents.  Our faculty and staff are available to help  you meet the needs of your child in all areas of education.

Since the opening of our school in 1961, the faculty and families of St. Vincent’s have created a community where the core Gospel values are demonstrated each day:  respect, responsibility, compassion, teamwork, and honesty.  This focus upon the Gospel teachings cultivates a safe, nurturing environment that bonds students through a common value structure. As St. Vincent de Paul said, "I will always welcome joyfully any opportunity that comes my way to be of service to you."

Schedule your personal tour here and learn more about our excellent programs and wonderful school community.  I look forward to meeting you and your family. 



Linda Pirolli, Principal


Our History

In 1961, St. Vincent de Paul Regional School opened it's doors, under the direction of Monsignor Charles Beausang and the Sisters of St. Joseph's Chestnut Hill.   There were only three grades, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and 74 students were enrolled.  In 1963, they added 4th grade; in 1965, they added 5th grade; and in 1966, they added 6th grade.  By 1980, they had added 7th and 8th grades, and enrollment peaked to 249 students.  In September, 1994, the school opened its new addition with new administrative offices, a Kindergarten class, and the multi-purpose room with kitchen!  

Did you know...

This is John W. Underhill's store. He operated this store until 1913. It later became Fiorey's Pool Room, and then Joe's (Sorrentino) Pool Room. It is now the site of St. Vincent De Paul School.

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