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All full-time faculty hold New Jersey state teaching certifications.


Miss Linda Pirolli - School Principal


Miss. Pirolli holds a B.A. in education from Rowan University and M.A. in Educational Leadership from St. Joseph University.  She has been Principal of St. Vincent De Paul School for the past 25 years, and has taught in Catholic schools for 46 years. Mrs. Pirolli's teaching career began at St. Phillip the Apostle School, Brigantine and St. James School, Ventnor, teaching at all grade levels. 


Her heart is in Catholic education!  She finds it rewarding to be part of the learning and growing experience for students every day.  Mrs. Pirolli is ready to jump in to help students and staff in any way needed including coaching sports teams, teaching classes, and actively participating in all school events and programs. Her door is always open to support students, parents, faculty, and staff in any way she can. 


When she's not at school, Mrs. Pirolli enjoys going to the beach and watching football, especially Notre Dame.​


Mrs. Kelly Riordan - Advancement


Mrs. Riordan holds a B.A. in Advertising Design/Creative Direction from Trenton State College (The College of New Jersey). She has over 30 years of marketing experience, with 4 years experience in advancement in the Diocese of Camden. As an alumna of St. Vincent de Paul (Class of 1981), Mrs. Riordan is excited to return "home" and be a part of the school's vibrant family and its supporting community.  

Outside of school, Mrs. Riordan enjoys working as a Creative Director in her own business, walking the beach, baking, and spending time with her husband, two daughters, and extended family. 


Mrs. Barbara Veach - Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Veach has been with St. Vincent De Paul for 13 years.  Along with her dedication to Catholic education, she brings a great knowledge in school procedures and programs to St. Vincent De Paul School.  Mrs. Veach enjoys talking with students throughout the day, and confirms that "kids say the darndest things." 

In her spare time, Mrs. Veach is an avid reader and loves to bake.

Mandy Liberty.JPG

Mrs. Mandy Liberty, BSN, RN - School Nurse


Ms. Toni Falcone - Preschool Three

Hello! I am so very excited to be the new PreK-3 teacher at St. Vincent de Paul Regional School! I have remained at this wonderful school since the fall of 1997 when my eldest daughter, Catherine, began her kindergarten year with complete joy and excitement. Fast forward 25 consecutive years later, and I now have four amazing children who are proud graduates of St. Vincent de Paul Regional School! My daughters, Catherine, Christina and Caitlin are now college graduates with successful careers of their own. My son, Francis is currently an incoming freshman to the high school of his choice. For many years, I was as a happy stay at home mom. 


I received my Associate of Science in General Studies from Atlantic Cape Community College and then I went on to receive my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Thomas Edison State University. I am CPR certified along with other credentials. Professionally, I have been working with children throughout the past 25 years from infants and toddlers through 8th grade. There is no greater gift than the blessings of our most precious children. Besides loving my work, I love spending time with my family and friends!


Mrs. Patricia Centrone - Preschool Four

Mrs. Centrone holds a B.S. in health education from West Chester University.  She brings 18 years of early childhood experience to our school, finding so much joy in teaching preschool age children.  Mrs. Centrone loves to do fun, hands-on learning activities with her class including experiments, art projects, and sensory play (that sometimes gets messy).  She enjoys providing a nurturing environment that allows her students to explore and learn, promotes kindness, and prepares them for future success in school.  Mrs. Centrone is excited to teach her class about the season of Advent, help them prepare for the birth of baby Jesus, and looks forward to many lessons and activities about nature. 

In her spare time, Mrs. Centrone enjoys spending time with her family, walking her dog, biking, fishing and going to the beach! 


Ms. Catherine Care - Kindergarten

Mrs. Care holds a B.A. in elementary education from Alvernia University and has been teaching at St. Vincent De Paul School for the past 14 years.  She enjoys being creative with her kindergartners and brings innovative ideas to her teaching to keep them engaged. She looks forward to teaching her students how to read, write, and witnessing their new discoveries and "firsts."  

When not in school, Mrs. Care enjoys reading and watching her daughters Riley and Makenzie play soccer for Ocean City and SURF. She loves spending time with family, going to the beach, anything Disney, and watching Penn State football. ​


Mrs. Jennifer Tadros - Grade 1

Mrs. Tadros holds a B.A. in sociology with a minor in social work from Rider University.  She brings 15 years of teaching experience to our school.  Prior to teaching, she worked at Family Service Association, as a therapist and group facilitator then followed her passion for teaching to pursue a teaching certification.


 "Catholic education has been a way of life for me, and I couldn’t have chosen anything better." Mrs. Tadros.


Mrs. Tadros loves to see her students transition into first grade and become more independent as they grasp new ideas and accept challenges.  She looks forward to helping them develop a love for reading and become fluent readers.  Mrs. Tadros is excited to grow her student's love for God and all His goodness as well as teaching them about kindness and respect.


Mrs. Tadros enjoys her time outside of school with her family, including two St. Vincent De Paul School alumni and one current Kindergartner.  She loves cooking for her family and attending church on Sundays together. 

Mrs. Jenniebeth Zippel - Grade 2

Mrs. Zippel holds a B. A. in literature from Stockton University.  Mrs. Zippel looks forward to sharing her love of learning, reading, and spreading kindness in her classroom all year long.  She strives to incorporate fun in her lessons, and finds the most enjoyment watching her students get excited to learn. 

Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Zippel likes spending time with her family, being outdoors, and exploring new adventures in the local area. 


Mrs. Alice Dudo - Grade 3

Mrs. Dudo holds a B.A. in English from Thomas Edison State. She most enjoys teaching students the Catholic faith, helping them develop a love for reading, experiencing their "light bulb" moments, and supporting them in learning from mistakes.  Mrs. Dudo looks forward to teaching her class science experiments, biography character projects, multiplication, and exploring new places through literature.  


In her spare time, Mrs. Dudo enjoys time spent with her family, especially for dinners and the holidays.  She also enjoys walking, biking, board games, traveling, and watching old movies.  


Mrs. Ashley Magalong – Grade 4

Mrs. Magalong holds a B.A. in Literature and Education from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and brings nine years of teaching to St. Vincent De Paul Regional School. Mrs. Magalong is passionate about helping her students build their reading stamina, enhance their comprehension, and develop a love for literature and learning. She is very excited to be part of the St. Vincent De Paul family!


When she is not teaching, Mrs. Magalong enjoys reading, doing crafts, shopping, and spending time with her husband, son, and daughter.


Mrs. Kathryn Sutton - Grade 5

Mrs. Sutton holds a B.A. in Elementary Education (K-8) from William Paterson University.  She brings a great deal of teaching experience in math, advanced math, and STEM to our school.  Mrs. Sutton was published in the Diocese of Trenton for best practices for her Survivor Math program.  She taught in the Trenton Diocese for several years, leading the building project for a community organic garden with her Middle School students.


 "Fifth grade has always been close to my heart because they are just starting to mature just enough to think outside the box."  "They are excited about learning!" Mrs. Sutton
Mrs. Sutton looks forward to implementing projects, that are artistic and technology driven, with her students, and teaching them how to use their Chromebook to program an excel spreadsheet to solve mathematical problems.  She enjoys working with her students to discover the best way they learn by utilizing manipulatives, student mentoring, and plenty of math games in the classroom as well as on their Chromebook.  
In her personal time, Mrs. Sutton loves spending time with her family and two German Shepherds.  She recently purchased a small farm in the area and is looking forward to gardening (organic raised beds) and raising some farm animals.  She is also a kick-boxing instructor, and has been training in martial arts for the past 12 years.

Mr. Ralph Pileggi – Grade 6

Mr. Pileggi holds a B.A. in English from St. Joseph’s University and brings 29 years of teaching experience to our school.  He is a proud alumnus from St. Michael School, Atlantic City and Holy Spirit High School, Absecon.   Mr. Pileggi believes integrating technology in all subject areas, encouraging teamwork among students, and serving as a guide to support students along their academic journey prepares them well for high school and life. He looks forward to incorporating creative projects and performances into his religion, science, and social studies lessons to fully engage students.  

 “As a middle school teacher, I embrace the opportunity to prepare children for the leadership roles they will learn and put into practice as they approach Eighth Grade. I am blessed with the incredible opportunity to see children become young men and women.”  Mr. Pileggi

When not teaching, Mr. Pileggi is most likely reading, watching a sports game, collecting classic cards, spending time with his family, or working at his favorite deli, Pete’s Subs and Deli. 


Mrs. Maggie Schulze – Grade 7

Mrs. Schulze holds a B.A. in English secondary education from Shippensburg University and has been teaching at St. Vincent De Paul School for over five years. She enjoys the honesty of her middle school students and hearing their thoughts on issues. Mrs. Schulze looks forward to discussions with her class on novels and other literature during the school year.


"St. Vincent De Paul School was my first Catholic school teaching experience and is by far my favorite.  I really feel like family here, not only with Miss Pirolli and my colleagues, but also with my students and their families." Mrs. Schulze


Mrs. Schulze loves to travel with her husband and children.  Her happy places are the beach and mountains of Vermont.  


Mrs. Eva Marie Quattrochi - Grade 8

Mrs. Quattrochi holds a secondary education with a minor in social studies Villanova University.  She has been teaching at St. Vincent de Paul Regional School for over 20 years.  It's a privilege for her to teach the oldest students in the school as they enjoy the perks and responsibilities of being the leaders at our school. She looks forward to class masses with her students and preparing them for the Sacrament of Confirmation, studying Shakespeare and World War II as well as preparing for their last class trip, 8th Grade Dinner and graduation. 


"I truly believe my vocation in life is to teach, and I have spent the bulk of my career here at St. Vincent’s because of the family atmosphere that is created by our principal, the students and their families (including grandparents), and the loving faculty members." Mrs. Quattrochi

Mrs. Quattrochi likes cooking, watching Alfred Hitchcock movies, crabbing, and spending time with her family and friends. 

Miss Linda McDevitt.jpg.JPG

Miss Linda McDevitt - Advanced Math (Grades 5-8)

Miss McDevitt holds a B.A. in social studies from Thomas Edison University.  She brings many years of teaching experience in the Camden Diocese to St. Vincent De Paul School. For over seven years, Miss McDevitt has taught pre-algebra/algebra to advanced students in grades six through eight at St. Vincent's. In her classroom, she enjoys seeing her students grow in understanding, develop a love for math, and achieve their personal success.

 "It's been a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to encourage students to enhance and accelerate their math potential, as well as being a part of the amazing SVDPRS family!" Miss McDevitt


When not teaching, Miss McDevitt likes to spend time reading and traveling. 


Ms. Donna Papaycik - Computer Education (Grades K-4)

Ms. Papaycik holds a B.A. in education and M.S. in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment from Walden University.  She enjoys teaching technology to students in different grade levels and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and love of learning new skills with her classes. 

In her spare time, Ms. Papaycik enjoys cake decoration, crafts, karate, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. 


Mrs. Patricia Carson - Computer Education (Grades 5-8)

Mrs. Carson holds a B.A. in elementary education from Rowan University and M.A. in instructional technology from Stockton University. She truly enjoys the "aha" moments when her students learn something new.  She looks forward to using Google Meet with her students this year to connect with fellow Catholic school students around the country to give them a broader perspective of other people and places.

Mrs. Carson enjoys spending time with her five grandchildren and attending their sports activities. She and her husband are Karate Masters, and she loves the the beach, swimming, and reading in her spare time. 



Mrs. Loren Train - Art Education (K-8)

Mrs. Train holds a B.F.A. from Moore College and Design.  She brings much talent and experience to our school that includes teaching at Cygnus Creative Arts Centre and La Bottega of Art.   Mrs. Train worked in the fashion design industry and continues to show her artwork in juried shows in Philadelphia and Atlantic County.  She is also the primary grade (k-4th grade) art teacher at St. Mary School, Vineland, NJ. 

Mrs. Train finds true joy in sharing her passion for art with her students. She incorporates her extensive travel experiences in her teaching.  Individual student artwork is proudly displayed at our school's annual "Night of the Arts" exhibit.  In addition, Mrs. Train teaches a summer art class at St. Vincent de Paul School.


Outside of school, Mrs. Train loves to create all types of art projects - her favorites are painting and quilting. She enjoys her time with her family at the beach, pool, and frequent extended family parties. 


Mr. Ivan Pokrovnichki - Music Education (K-8)

Mr. Pokrovnichki holds a M.A. in music with a concentration in trumpet and has been teaching music at        St. Vincent De Paul School for the past 15 years.  As a performing musician, Mr. Pokrovnichki played trumpet in many different types of ensembles, including big bands, jazz ensembles, function bands, and chamber orchestras.  He enjoys fostering an appreciation for music in his students and looks forward to directing the school's Christmas program each year.  


"My favorite part of being a music educator is teaching students to express themselves through music and seeing students' unique personalities shine through their musical expressions." Mr. Pokrovnichki


In his spare time, Mr. Pokrovnichki enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.


Ms. Alissa Setteducato - Physical Education (P3-8)

Ms. Setteducato holds a B.S in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and played college softball and basketball. Fulfilling her biggest dream, she then served in the United States Air Force and the Air Force Security Forces (Military Police) for seven years. While serving overseas, she had the opportunity to run humanitarian missions, where she met children struggling in violent homes with no nutrition, clothing or loved ones.

​ She realized her calling to make a difference on the home front. "It was my time to use my tools and knowledge, not only for those who are in need, but for those who don't realize how much they have in front of them." Ms. Setteducato

Ms. Setteducato loves anything that involves physical fitness and a challenge. She enjoys sharing her teaching gifts and knowledge with her students at all grade levels. She feels blessed and honored to be a part of helping students grow stronger mentally and physically through fitness and sports. She is proud, not only to be St. Vincent de Paul School's P.E teacher but to also serve as the JV Girls Basketball coach.

When not at school, Ms. Setteducato loves spending time outdoors, traveling, playing sports and attending classic car shows.  


Mrs. Donna Dougherty - Basic Skills

Mrs. Dougherty holds a B.S.  in Child Development and Education from the University of Delaware and has been teaching Basic Skills/Supplemental Instruction for the past nineteen years. Fifteen of those years have been here at St. Vincent De Paul School.  She enjoys working with small groups of students helping them to do their best.


"I am fortunate to be assigned to St. Vincent’s for it is more than a school; it is a family." Mrs. Dougherty 


When Mrs. Dougherty is not teaching, she travels to her "happy places" which include Cape May, NJ and Vermont.


Mrs. Marianne Tranchitella - Kindergarten Aide


Mrs. Tranchitella holds a certification from Penn Foster.  She has been at St. Vincent De Paul School for 14 years. Mrs. Tranchitella finds it very rewarding to assist in the kindergarten classroom and watch students grow and understand new concepts, because everything is a "first" for them.  

Outside of school, Mrs. Tranchitella enjoys gardening, going to the beach, reading, walking, and spending time with her six grandchildren.  She wrote and published her first children's book and continuing to work on her second book.   


Mrs. Virginia Rauch - Preschool Aide

Mrs. Rauch receives great satisfaction from the excitement preschool children experience and share when they learn something for the first time. In preschool everything is a first!

Outside of school, Mrs. Rauch enjoys doing fun activities with her family.


Mrs. Jarry Maldonado -Preschool Aide

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