St. Vincent de Paul Regional School offers an exceptional educational value for students and families. 

  • Family-like, faith-based environment supporting one another

  • Small class sizes for safe and effective learning

  • Nurturing teachers and staff dedicated to supporting each child

  • Challenging curriculum to prepare children for high school and beyond

Grades K-8

Catholic Rates                                                             Non-Catholic Rates

1st Child   -  $5,320                                                       $6,400 per child

2nd Child  -   4,320                                                          

3rd Child   -   3,320

Preschool Three                                                             Preschool Four

Full Time  -  $5,500                                                          Full Time   -  $5,400

Part Time -    4,900                                                          Part Time  -    4,600

We strive to make a St. Vincent de Paul school education possible for all families who want to give their child the benefits of a Catholic education.  We offer monthly payment plans to make tuition more budget friendly for families, as well as tuition assistance for those who need it.