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"St. Vincent's is not just a school, it's a family.  The teachers not only teach an outstanding curriculum, but they also know each and every student by name, even those who are not yet in their classrooms."  Desirree Palumbo, parent

“With sending our children to St. Vincent de Paul Regional School, we value the close bonds that our whole family has made. We value the bond our children are able to make with God through class, through the teachers, and through their safe environment. We are at peace knowing that our children are individually cared for & that their needs are met.” 

Opalyn Nicholson, Parent


"St. Vincent de Paul school is an excellent school. They offer a well rounded curriculum while establishing and promoting faith, family  and community values. It is an inclusive family. My grandchildren love the school, their teachers, staff and peers. I highly recommend St. Vincent de Paul school."  Coleen Acord, Grandparent

"Every time I pull out of the parking lot after dropping off my little girl, I thank God that she is able to receive the same opportunities that I received through St. Vincent de Paul School.  This school feels like family."

Dana Jo Campagna, Parent and Alumna

 "Catholic education has been a way of life for me, and I couldn’t have chosen anything better." Mrs. Tadros, teacher and parent.

My children loved St Vincent school.  They are still close friends with their childhood friends from Kindergarten up!!  I am so happy we chose this school!  Thank you Linda Pirolli and all the wonderful teachers, workers, volunteers and fellow parents for all your hard work and dedication!  St Vincent’s is not just a school, it’s a family. Barbara Suckeil, Parent

"I am thrilled to be here at St. Vincent de Paul Regional School!" Mrs. DeCarlo, teacher

 "St. Vincent De Paul School was my first Catholic school teaching experience and is by far my favorite.  I really feel like family here, not only with Miss Pirolli and my colleagues, but also with my students and their families." Mrs. Schulze, Teacher

"I truly believe my vocation in life is to teach, and I have spent the bulk of my career here at St. Vincent’s because of the family atmosphere that is created by our principal, the students and their families (including grandparents), and the loving faculty members." Mrs. Quattrochi, Teacher

 "I am fortunate to be assigned to St. Vincent’s for it is more than a school; it is a family." Mrs. Dougherty , Teacher -Basic Skills  

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