Our rigorous academic curriculum follows guidelines established by the Diocese of Camden, Office of Catholic Schools.  Those guidelines build on the strong academic tradition of Catholic schools, incorporate national and state curriculum standards, and allow us to bring the Gospel message of Jesus into all facets of learning.  We believe in educating the whole person.

St. Vincent de Paul Regional School is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges  & Schools.  Accreditation is a self-evaluation process that schools and school systems voluntarily use to demonstrate they are meeting a defined set of research-based performance standards.  The standards examine schools in a holistic way, supplementing student-testing data to provide a more complete measure of a school's performance and chart a strategic and realistic course for continuous school improvement.



The basic curriculum is extended by enrichment classes in Art, Computer Science/Technology, Music, Physical Education/Health, and World Language (Spanish).

Advanced Math Program

Students from grades 5-8 who excel in mathematics, and have achieved a score of 75% or better on their Iowa’s, may be considered for Advanced Math.  Other considerations are self-motivation and attendance.


Students in grade six begin in the Holt pre-algebra book.  Topics covered, depending on the ability of the class, include equations, integers, inequalities, ratios, percentages, and geometry.  Students in grade seven are expected to do the first half of algebra 1.  Chapters covered include equations, inequalities, including compounds, linear functions, slope, and all its formulas.  Students in grade eight complete the Algebra 1 book, mastering systems of equations, exploring polynomials, factoring polynomials, quadratic functions and equations, data analysis, and probability.


Advanced math students are expected to work independently, to be prepared at all times, to memorize formulas, and to work to the best of their abilities.  The small class size allows for peer/teacher interaction on a one-on-one basis.

Introduction To Personal Finance

This is for 8th grade students only.  Introduction to Personal Finance explores financial topics relevant to the teen years; high school, college tuition, automobile costs, insurance, personal and family budgeting.

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