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Our youngest daughter, Charley craved a smaller environment after leaving Shaner School. Although we aren’t Catholic, we were welcomed at SVDPRS with open arms. She is now in 6th grade and thriving. I’m grateful for the open communication, everyone is accessible including the Principal Miss Linda Pirolli. She knows everyone's child by name.

A solid foundation is what we want for our children. Consistency is critical, old school works, no crazy math techniques that leave you wondering what has happened. They have an Advanced Math program for 6th - 8th grade. Historically, graduates have scored very high on their SATs. Cursive handwriting is still taught! Technology is integrated into class with the Lenovo netbooks and iPads.

Daily reinforcement of faith, serving others, developing morals and self-discipline teach our children to be productive members of society and future leaders. Kowing that we have a partner in instilling these values in our daughter is priceless.

Activities are endless. It seems like there is always something going on starting with the Ice Cream Social in Gaskill Park before the school year begins. There is a strong drama program that was just expanded to include the younger grades. Choir, basketball, track and the PB&J Club are some of the other opportunities. There is an extended day program to accommodate working parents.

The small environment consists of one classroom per grade. This enables the children to establish lifelong relationships. There are Prayer Families that help all of the grades bond. It is encouraging to feel like part of a family where we know our daughter will be supported no matter what our future holds. Consider joining us!

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