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Second Grade Engaged in Literature

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Second Grade teacher, Mrs. Zippel, is dedicated to encouraging her students' appreciation for literature and expanding their individual reading comprehension skills. She looks forward to sharing her love of learning, reading, and spreading kindness in her classroom all year long. Mrs. Zippel finds the most enjoyment watching her students get excited to learn.

If you are seeking a school for your child with nurturing, experienced teachers, and excellent academics, you will find it here at St. Vincent de Paul Regional School. We invite you to schedule a personal tour to learn more about our curriculum and extra-curricular offerings for students. Schedule your visit here.

St. Vincent de Paul Regional School PK-8 students learn in an atmosphere where education of the whole child is fundamental; an education developing minds, hearts, and souls with a curriculum enhanced through the integration of Catholic faith values. There is still time to enroll your child this school year! Visit us!

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