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Fantastic Day of Sharing Vocations!

Wow! What an incredible morning we had celebrating vocations at St. Vincent de Paul School for Catholic Schools Week. Many volunteers visited with students to share their careers and professional experiences. From preschool through eighth grade, students were engaged in the presentations and asked very insightful questions, such as "how many planes take off in one day?"

The vocations shared with students included: priesthood, nursing, respiratory therapy, computer programming, mathematics, map making, first responders (fire, paramedics), criminal justice, military service, stage design, business management, sports broadcasting, and law. Students were given insight into these areas work and the wide variety of careers to choose. Many shared their stories about how they found their vocation, and what makes it meaningful to them.

We appreciate our awesome community of parents, priests, and staff who made this day both informational and enjoyable for everyone. We are grateful for the time they gave to us today and for their vocations in the world.

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