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Catholic School Teacher … My First Choice!!!

By Jennifer Tadros

Ever since I was a child, I knew I wanted to be an advocate for children. I grappled between being a pediatrician, a teacher, and a school counselor. I spent countless hours playing “school” with my stuffed animals. Teaching stole my heart and won me over; I truly cannot think of a better profession for me. I grew up in the Catholic education system, right up until I went to college. My first job as a teacher was in a private school, right before I came to my home here at St. Vincent de Paul Regional School. I get up every morning and love going to my job knowing I have a second family and that there will be a group of young students waiting for me to spend their day with them.

I have three children of my own, all whom attend and graduated from St. Vincent de Paul. Being a mom and a teacher has made me ten times more relatable to parents and students, especially as a wife and mother with a Catholic School education teaching in a Catholic School. I relate to parents and students on a much different level knowing the struggles they go through in their home lives, with academics, sports, friendships and the pressure of social media and technology.

More than anything, I love having the ability and freedom to reveal Christ to the students, parents, faculty and staff of the school. “The Church is a sacrament of communion with God and of unity among all. The Church is the Body of Christ. Its members are diverse but united and equally parts of one another. As sacrament, the Church is Christ’s instrument of salvation. As a ministry of the Catholic Church, Catholic schools too are a sign of that unity, that communion, in Christ and an instrument of salvation.”(

Teaching in a Catholic school, especially here at St. Vincent’s, is beyond rewarding and “my first choice”. I teach in a Catholic school because the students and parents are especially invested in learning and come to me with strong family values and a willingness to be a “team” in their child’s “whole person”. The family feel of our school provides an inviting warmth conducive to the learning needs of our students. Moreover, considering the smaller class sizes, the ability to share our beliefs and faith, utilizing up to date and top-notch resources and technology, celebrating feast days and holidays that celebrate Jesus – why would I teach anywhere else? My life experiences up until now lead me to where I am today, where I belong, a Catholic school teacher who is invested in not only her students’ education but in their Catholic identity as well.

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