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Governor Murphy will be delivering his FY ‘23 budget address on February 22nd. Between now and then, it is vital that he hear from nonpublic school families throughout the state. This year, the New Jersey Catholic Conference and the nonpublic school community in general has decided to concentrate our “asks” to two major areas: Nonpublic Transportation and Compensatory Education (Chapter 192) to provide remedial instruction for students with special needs. The attached ACTION ALERTS describe these issues in detail and are attached.

Specifically, we are asking for the following:

· An increase of $150.00 in the ceiling of $1000 per pupil for those who are eligible to receive bus transportation to their nonpublic school.

· An increase from $995 per pupil (which has been frozen since 2008) to $1300 per pupil for those students who need remedial instruction in Language Arts and Mathematics.

An easy and quick way for everyone to reach the Governor’s office with these messages is by using the Voter Voice link set up by the New Jersey Catholic Conference. In both documents, Action Alert Nonpublic School Transportation and Action Alert Compensatory Education to this email, the Voter Voice link is at the bottom of the page. There is a separate link for each of the two issues.

Thank you for your support on these important needs for our school.

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