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Didn't want our son to get "lost in the shuffle"

When looking at schools for our son Angelo, my husband and I were apprehensive about sending our son to a large school for fear of him getting "lost in the shuffle." We toured every school in the area, and St. Vincent de Paul Regional School was the last one we visited. We were instantly impressed with their use of Singapore Math, SmartBoards, Wilson Reading Program, Technology, Music and Arts programs. Yet, we were equally impressed when a young child got out of line to hold the door for us. This young boy was not in trouble for leaving the line because it was expected of him. That is the Catholic school difference. They teach our children that it's not just about what you do; but who you are.

Over the past few years, we have watched Angelo come out of his shell. His classmates are not just classmates, they are family. The parents make it a point to get the kids together whenever we can - no child is EVER excluded. The children are taught from day one that we are all children of God, and we are all special and important. These teachings enable the children to be happy and comfortable which, in turn, allows them to learn with ease. It is now my daughters turn to enter St Vincent's and we can hardly wait for her journey to begin.

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